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In this section, we must discuss the common problems and queries related to shipping or import/export related questions. please find a question related to the queries. we are here to help you. please contact us if you have still any queries or doubt or you want to add some FAQ’s.

Popular Questions

General Questions

What are the packing sizes in onion.?
There are no fixed packing sizes for onion. It depends on the requirements.
What are the sizes of onion?
There are three major sizes in onion. Small, medium and large.
What are the types of Onions Available?
There are mainly two types of onions available, one is Kharif and other in rabi.

Regular Questions

what is shelf life of chili powder?
Approximately one year provided preserved in good conditions.
what is shelf life of bananas?
Approximately One month if kept in maintained temperatures.
Which onion has maximum shelf life?
crop which is harvested in summer has maximum shelf life.
What is packing size for export quality pomegranate?
Normally 3kg standard box packing is used for pomegranate.
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